Spark Nano 7 4G LTE Micro GPS Tracker for Covert Monitoring of Teen Drivers, Kids, Elderly, Employees, Assets
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Price: $29.95
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Product Description

Brickhouse Security BHSBrickhouse Security BHS

Introducing the Spark Nano 7 – the most advanced version of our best-selling portable GPS tracker.

The Spark Nano 7 Micro GPS tracking device provides you with real-time location updates, speed alerts, and a smartphone app to keep you constantly connected. So whether you’re using the Spark Nano 7 to keep tabs on your company’s expensive equipment or to keep track of your teen driver on her first road trip, you can expect reliable coverage and to-the-minute updates on every movement.

Full 4G coverage everywhere in North America: works in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada
Speed and Location Alerts sent straight to your smartphone
Geo-Fence Alerts can notify you when your tracker moves outside set geographic bounds.
Panic button allows bearer to send an alert, which can trigger a message to parents or business leaders.
Optional magnetic waterproof case protects the Spark Nano 7 and provides easy mounting options.
Free Smartphone App for Android and iPhone.
Updates every 60 Seconds on your trackers location

Need More Than One Spark Nano 7 for Business?

We offer discounts on hardware and service when you purchase multiple GPS devices.

4G Spark Nano GPS Tracker

GPS-SN6 Spark Nano 6GPS-SN6 Spark Nano 6

The Spark Nano GPS Tracker: The Industry Leader in Portable, Real-Time Tracking

Smaller than a cell phone, the Spark Nano is a best-in-class battery-powered GPS tracker. With a two-week battery life (based on ~1 hour of active tracking per day), the Nano is the choice of professional investigators, business owners, and concerned parents alike. This full-featured device allows for remote, real-time tracking using any device with an internet connection. With one-minute reporting frequency, and its all-new Rapid Track feature, you’re given the most accurate, up-to-date location information. Ensure that people, vehicles, and assets are safe with the Spark Nano.

What’s In The Box?
Spark Nano 7.0
Wall Charger
User’s Guide
SIM card included and pre-installed

Spark Nano 7 Specifications:

Dimensions: 3.0″ x 1.58″ x 1.0″

Power: 15 Days Standby / 15 Hours Constant Tracking
Transmission: 4G Cellular Coverage Across North America
Storage: Cloud Web Server
Tracking Service: from 14.99 to 29.99 per month

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gps tracker, gps tracking, personal gps

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gps tracker, gps tracking, vehicle tracker



spark nano dimensions premium

spark nano dimensions premium

Personal Use

Slip it in a backpack to ensure that your child makes it to school safely. Place it in your teen driver’s vehicle to monitor safe driving. Its panic button can alert loved ones of trouble – an ideal solution for hikers and solo travellers.

Business Use

Business owners and professional investigators have turned to the Spark Nano to monitor everything from shipments to company vehicles. The scalable, intuitive platform can track multiple devices, potentially saving thousands on lost inventory and productivity.


BrickHouse Security’s exclusive GPS platform features geofencing: virtual perimeters that will trigger notification if breached; ideal for stopping theft or ensuring driver safety. Our platform offers detailed travel reports, speed alerts, and other professional features.

A Compact, Premium Choice

The Spark Nano fits anywhere, and can last up to 15 days on a single charge. Ideal for teens, partners, lone workers, and wilderness adventurers.

Reports Automatically Every 60 Seconds: The exclusive BrickHouse Security GPS software provides up-to-the-minute reporting with complete tracking data reports, making it easy to know where your assets are at all times. Tracking intervals are easily adjusted, more or fewer check-ins are needed.
View the GPS Tracker’s Location In Real-Time: Access reporting from virtually anywhere via your web browser or phone app to access real-time and historical reports of speed alerts, geofencing settings and violations, detailed travel reports, and panic button settings.
Compact and Lightweight Design: Achieve ultimate versatility with this slim and easily mountable GPS tracker, allowing you to attach to virtually any asset or stash within your teen’s car for unnoticed peace-of-mind.
No Long-Term Contract Needed: Unlike other tracking devices, the Spark Nano 7 requires no long-term commitment. Activate online with a subscription starting at $24.99/month, able to cancel at any time.


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