SinoTrack GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Real-Time OBD Car GPS Tracking Device Locator, Mini OBD II Vehicle Tracker with Alert System for Car, Taxi and Truck, Support for Android and iOS Platform Lifetime
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Product Description

sinotrack gps trackersinotrack gps tracker

Support Free Platform Lifetime, Realtime Tracking

real-time trackingreal-time tracking

With SinoTrack gps tracker device, easily to check your cars, teenagers, workers in real time. Connecting device to your car and know your cars real-time location, trip histories, driving habits, etc. The ST-902 OBD GPS location tracker use about 30MB data per month. It built-in 180mAh backup battery, When the engine starts will charging. When engine stop,it can use about 1-4 hours.


(1)OBD standard interface. (2). Build in 180mAh / 3.7V battery. (3). Real time vehicle tracking. (4). GPS tracking device. (5). Work with any 16 – pin OBD interface cars. (6). Can locate and get the position of your vehicle remotely via GPRS. (7). Support function of map location inquiry. (8). No installation, no wiring harness, simply plugs into OBD port. (9). Weight:0.150 kg, OBD GPS Tracker (10). Working model: support GPRS & SMS model (11). Shock Alarm (12). Low battery Alarm (13). Over speed Alarm

gps tracking device

gps tracking device

gps tracker with no monthly fees

gps tracker with no monthly fees

fleet manage

fleet manage

View and Playback Your Daily Tracking History

Using our sinotrack tracking platform provides history reports mapping all past locations, speed, addresses with dates and times via Web / App anytime and anywhere. Sinotrack gps tracking platform updates every 60 seconds gives you a real-time view of what happened for anytime.

Know where your Loved ones

Install it in your teen, daughter and loved ones’s vehicle to monitor speeding and safe driving. The tracker with sos button,when they’re in danger, they can press sos button, you will get sms alarm and heard they’re voice immediately in real-time.

If your father with Alzheimer’s wanders too far away from his home and into a potentially dangerous situation, you can open your phone to find him soon anytime and anywhere.

Multiple Devices in One Account

If you’re a Fleet manager who needs to manage your many vehicles at the same time, please send your all ID numbers and tell us what’s username you want, we will help you create a group account, then you can see all cars on one APP/Web platform. You can check your car anywhere and monitor your workers are lazy, you don’t worry if your car safe and workman if working hard.

Warm Tips:

1. We’re not include GSM SIM card, you have to buy it (Support 2G networks) and pay a data plan,then insert it into the device
2. Before you using the online platform, please must set the APN of your country and the IP and port of platform server by SMS command
3. If your sim card has PIN code (the tracker can’t read SIM card), please unlock the sim card on your mobile phone
4. If you can’t active device, please send message to us , we will reply quickly
5.We recommend: Speed Talk SIM card, please don’t buy less than 2.75 card, according to our test and customer feedback that less than 2.75 card network signal poor

How to Quickly Active Your Device
1. Put a local SIM card with 2G(GSM) functions into tracker, device should turn on. Then connect charging cable.
2. Set APN for the tracker.(You should ask the provider what’s your APN)
When you get APN, From another phone number send messages command to device SIM number
For example: APN is “mobilenet”(Attention: Different SIM card, APN is different)
(1)APN No username and password ,then send this sms command to the tracker: 8030000 mobilenet
(2)APN has username and password, then send this sms command to the tracker: 8030000 mobilenet mobilenet mobilenet
(3)Change to GPRS model. Command: 7100000
(4) If you set ok of all, then wait about 30sec, both blue and orange light should stay on which mean you can now login to sinotracker website to check if tracker active.(Username is your ID number, password: 123456)
(5)If the device is not online, please check device setting, send: RCONF to device, and tell me the reply.

【Immediate Alerts】Real-time online GPS tracker for vehicles support text message alerts for leaving, shocking and low battery alarm etc . Unlimited GPS tracking historical data saved during service.Track from anywhere using GPS tracking mobile apps with real-time text message alerts
【Plug-in and USE】SinoTrack car GPS tracker device build in battery, can use at least 4 hours. when the engine starts will charging, no worry outage. OBD mini GPS tracker easy to use, no installation, no wiring harness, simply plugs into OBD-2 port. OBD-II tracker is 16-pin standand interface, can be use of most of cars.Only can use 2G GSM SIM card, not available for 3G or 4G and CDMA SIM card(SIM card not include, we recommand: Speed Talk is perfect, monthly cost normally is about $5)
【History Memory】ST-902 OBD GPS tracker simply log into the web portal and view live or historical tracking at any time. GPS tracker for car tracking from Computers, Phones, Tablets, iPad, etc. There is no limit on how often you can view your trips. Real-time GPS tracker can save 2 years of tracking history during service. You can view and play back your daily tracking history
【Support Lifetime Tracking Software】SinoTrack GPS location tracker is our own profession tracking platform, you can click the Demo to login. We also have mobile APP for Android and IOS, you can search SinoTrack Pro to download it (Note:OBD2 and OBD compatible)


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