Noise Cancelling Headphones Real Over Ear,Wireless Lightweight Srhythm Durable Foldable Deep Bass Hi-Fi Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Mic and Wire for TV, PC, Cell Phone- Low Latency
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Product Description

We build products that help you find the rhythm of your soul.

For years we helped others in the headphone industry perfect their noise-cancellation technology, but we were never truly satisfied with the directions they would take. Cutting corners in build quality or the audio itself, it’s no secret that companies are happy to charge you – the customer – for their name and a shiny sticker, but we’re tired of the brand tax…

So, we decided to pursue our dream; we started by creating products that allow you to enjoy what life has to offer without pushing what your wallet can offer. With each new product we want to connect your feelings to the rhythm of your soul.

We want to create a space without restrictions, to let you feel relaxed, relieved, and reborn.

Success is no accident and we believe you should be rewarded for the hard work you put in everyday to achieve your dream. Our products are designed to let you be free, to give you the power to create what you want, when you want. No more shoddy craftsmanship, no more wallet-breaking expenses, just the true freedom of quality.

Foldable noise cancelling headphonesFoldable noise cancelling headphones

Structure: NC-25 bluetooth headphones are foldable and easily carried when traveling or outdoor activities.It is durable because of the high-strength plastic and inner metal connection shaft.

Appearance: NC-25 wireless headphones are suitable for most people especially for business persons because of the classic designs.

Comfort: NC-25 over ear headphones’ headband and earmuffs are made with the extremely soft memory high protein leather. Materials&technology ensure long time comfortable wearing. The advanced sewing process makes sound isolation better.

Included items:1x ANC Bluetooth headphones,1x Micro USB charging cable,1x 3.5mm Audio cable,1x Airplane adaptor,1x Carrying Zip Case,1x User manual (Comes with 6 languages)

Slogan: NC-25 is a valuable deal and classic product for the ANC Bluetooth wireless headphone.


1.Connect to standard USB port,pls don’t use fast charger.

2.Audio cable can be used when low battery.

Top Q&A:

1.Why low sound? Because perhaps effected by devices/mobile. Pls increase mobile/devices’ and headphone’ volume to try again.

2.Why no difference with ANC “on”VS”off”? Pls make sure that you start ANC and use it in the noisy environment. You will feel much difference.

3.How to turn off the headphones? Please note the ANC and Bluetooth show on the same indicator light.ANC with green light, Bluetooth with blue light.If you need to turn off/on bluetooth, please make sure you turned off ANC first.

wireless over ear headphoneswireless over ear headphones


How do the active noise cancelling headphones work

1. First record the low frequency noise (50-1000 Hz) in the environment that the ear can hear through the speaker microphone placed in the earpiece.

2. Conduct noise in the control circuit and the control circuit performs operations in real time.

3. Then, the horn sends sound waves of opposite phase and amplitude to eliminate the noise.

Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancellation Over Ear Headphones

High-quality sound, lightweight and comfortable

Srhythm Wireless Bluetooth Headphones NC25 are made by a top R&D team. It is a classical product of Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones and has great reputation. Overall, NC25 is an excellent Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone.

Profession noise cancelling technology

Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

Comfortable memory-protein earpads

Foldable and portable

Fast pairing with CSR Bluetooth 4.1

Super light ONLY 0.4lb

Backup audio cable cable mode for weak battery

Carrying case for your travel and work

Unique Foldable Lightweight & Ergonomic Design

Bluetooth adaptor support for TV:

1.Make sure the adaptor with Transmitter/TX/Launch mode,some adaptor only have Receiver/RX mode.

Transmitter adaptor include AUX port and audio cable

2.Pairing steps(please use audio cable together.don’t use adaptor alone)

Plug adaptor into USB port to supply power,

Insert the 3.5mm audio cable into audio port on the adaptor,

Insert the other end of audio cable into the audio output of your TV.

Noise Reduction Depth

18-23 dB

20-25 dB

23-27 dB


CSR V4.1

CSR V5.0

CSR V5.0


CVC 6.0

CVC 8.0

CVC 8.0

Battery Life

16+ Hrs / 360 mAh

40+ Hrs / 800 mAh

40+ Hrs / 750 mAh

Net Weight




Foldable & Rotation


Voice Assistant&Google Assistant

Carry Case

Additional Features


Gun-Black,Super-light,Extra Bass,Quick Charge

Metal-Black,Extra Bass,Quick Charge,For big ears

Release Date




Sound Quality.High-end 40mm stereo drivers provide immersive Hi-Fi Deep Bass.Noise-rejecting built-in dual-microphones system for Hands-Free call,clear sound and voice pick-up.Advanced bluetooth CSR to make and receive calls with quick and stable Bluetooth connections.Well compatible with iPhone,iPad,Android,Mac,etc.
Unique Foldable Lightweight Design.The professional protein ear-pads and 115° swiveling ear-cups with superb LIGHTWEIGHT only 0.4 lb and the durable foldable design for carrying and traveling.
Long Hours Playtime.16-hrs music time talking time per charging and 3.5mm stereo audio cable provided.Audio cable can be used when low battery.
Ultimate Fit & Comfort – Exclusive Designs of Air Pressure Balance.Multi-level adjustable headband to get the best suitable size for you.To reduce sound wave pressure of active noise reduction,to feel much more comfortable to wear than all other brands.


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