Mpow CH6S [2 Pack] Kids Headphones with Safety 85dB Volume Limited, Wired On-Ear Headsets for Kids, Food Grade Silicone, Lightweight, Comfortable Children Headphones for School
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About Mpow

Mpow proudly stands behind every product it offers. As the leader of audio products, Mpow works passionately on the innovation of design and technology to create products with simplicity and usability to all over the world. After years of devotion to audio products, Mpow aims to offer superior sound with advanced technology.

Mpow CH6S 2-Pack Kids Headphones—Make Sharing Easier

Let’s choose Mpow kids headphones for your little musicians to explore their music world with better audio performance and rich bass effect. For the quiet little ones, Mpow kids headsets would also be a great gift to listen to audio books and enjoy videos. The headphones are made from safe materials and have good durability. Have your Mpow Kids Headphones, have more fun in your life.

Food-Grade Materials

Rich Bass Audio Performance

Durable ABS Material

3.5mm Audio Jack Splitter




Soft Ear Pads

Compared to other kids headsets, Mpow CH6S outshines with its enlarged, softer, thickened ear cushions to take more consideration for kids’ ears.Superior comfort is ensured to protect soft skins of your kids.

Adjustable Headband

This headphone earmuff is very soft and very comfortable to wear. The lightweight headphone specially designed for children is the best choice. Lasting accompany is incredibly ensured for your children’s growing up

Distinct Wired Control

Multifunctional buttons serve up necessary control on the audio source to keep your kids away from radiation. Built-in microphone supports hands-free calling, which provides ease for a video chat. To accord with different surroundings, Mpow CH6S kids headphones are designed with the distinct volume limit switch.




Share Fun and Love

A 3.5mm share interface is included underneath each ear cup. This audio port allows multiple headphones to be connected to each other and share the same audio source. No splitter is needed.

Foldable & Portable

Easy to carry and store Mpow Over/On-ear headphones. Folding design make it convenient to carry, you can easily put it in the suitcase or bag, more easy to your class carry it. When you take your children out for a trip, take a plane, take a car, this headphone would be a good companion

Indispensable Volume Limiter

According to the american academy of otolaryngology, Unprotected exposure to sounds. Mpow Kids Headphones protect your little one!




Go for School or Travel

Compact and foldable design results in its easy storage in backpack or suitcases. Carry the convenient kids headphones around without burden to learn, listen music and have fun, no matter in school or travel.

Turn up to Hear Clearly

When your kids are in a noisy environment, such as plane, subway, and more, turn off the volume limit switch to hear music more clearly. But never mind, the max volume set is 94dB, far from hurting your kids’ hearing.

Learn Happily

Take Mpow CH6S kids headphones to school and share knowledge with classmates without the extra splitter. Compatible with all smart phones and tablets with 3.5mm jack devices, Mpow CH6 meets diverse demands to offer more convenience.

START FROM HEALTH – Mpow headphone for kids adopts high-quality food-grade materials. Namely, it is made of non-toxic materials and designed to withstand the environment of intended use. Therefore, we always maintain the desired nature and credible production of quality. All of these can be traced to be the health of kids. It won’t cause any negative effect on your kids even with long-time wearing and touching.
ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND WITH UNIMAGINABLE TOUGHNESS – Mpow toddler headphones survive the hard treatment of little kids. The headband is twistable and also easy to adjust. It is flexible to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. Soft earmuffs deliver comfortable feelling while listening. There is very little clamping pressure.
SHARE WITH PARTNERS — No splitters needed, this headset comes with a sharing interface on the right side, through which your kids can connect with another headphone to share favorite movies/music with his friends or family members, makes sharing much easier between kiddos.
UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY & SATISFYING SERVICE – With the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, works with virtually all smartphones, tablets.


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