Headcase Audio Combo Pack – One Replacement Headband Cushion and One Pair of Ear Cushions for Bose QC2 and QC15 Headphones
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(as of Jul 27,2020 09:39:39 UTC – Details)

Headcase Audio Combo Pack – Headband Cushion and Ear Cushions / Ear Pads for Bose QC2 and QC15 Headphones – Both products require moderate DIY ability to install, so be sure to watch both of our videos to make the installations much easier for you. You can locate these videos by searching online for Headcase Audio. These are not Bose products but are both high quality products that were manufactured specifically to fit Bose QC2, QC15 headphones models. The ear cushions are made of quality materials, although you will find them not to be quite as soft as the original Bose ear cushions. The Headcase Audio replacement headband cushion is very different than the Bose original. It has a zipper and includes larger modified plastic end clips to accommodate the zipper and additional fabric. Think carefully before doing this repair. Your headphones will look different after you install the Headcase Audio headband cushion. In this kit, you will receive one pair of ear pads and two pair of scrims (black and white with the Headcase Audio logo). The inner scrims are the cloths that fit inside each headphone covering the electronic components. The different colors are to provide a choice of style. Some buyers prefer to use a black scrim inside one headphone and a white scrim inside the other to better distinguish left and right channels. Be careful removing the outer paper strips from the double sided tape. If you are not careful, you could pull the entire tape from the fabric. If you make this mistake, you can easily purchase double sided tape at any office supply store at minimal cost. The headband cushion kit includes one headband cushion, four screws, and two screwdrivers.

Warning: This kit is ONLY compatible with the Bose QC2 and QC15 models. It is NOT compatible with any other model!
Includes: One replacement headband cushion, one pair of replacement ear cushions, and two pairs of cloth scrims (white and black) to refurbish your aging Bose QC2 or QC15 headphones.
Headband Cushion Installation video – Search online for Nhi2QvFUlJg
Ear Cushions / Ear Pads Installation video – Search online for WhG2eSpArI and NUMMU370bMI to view the product demo. Search Headcase Audio online to view all product and installation videos.


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