Bug Detector Anti spy RF Signal Detector GPS SPY Monitor Detector Anti Tracking Strong Magnetic Detector for Hidden Camera Laser Lens Eavesdropping Device
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JMDHKK Privacy Protection Expert

This RF Detector& Camera Finder is designed to detect and locate signals from the very latest covert listening, tracking, hidden camera, cellular devices. Better protect personal privacy and company secrets


1. Compact, light-weighed, easy to carry around.

2. 4 detection modes including RF Signal Detection/Magnetic Field Detection/AI Auto Scan/Camera Lens Finder.

3. Detection of GSM/CDMA/2G/3G/4G bugs.

4. Detection of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi networks/Microwaves.

5. Detection of illegal wireless eavesdroppers and microphones.

6. Flashing LED lights and view finder for detecting a variety of cameras, both overt and covert.

7. 10-segment LED bar graphs as signal strength indicator for accurate location of the RF signal sources(wireless bugs).

8. 3 alert modes: Audible/Beeping Alert,Vibration/Buzzing Alert,Visual/Light Alert.

9. Adjustable Sensitivity.

10. LED screen enable you view the battery level,signal strength from the bugs, and the alert mode selected.

11. Durable ABS casing.

12. Long excellent battery life providing 8-10 hours of continuous use and up to 7 days for standby.

Main Function :

1.Auto Search:if you want to check the room or car safe or not,you can put it in one room or car,then open the auto search,it will search automatically,once received one time of signal,the light bars will light one,if received 6 times,the light bars will light at 6 lights,

then it will sound alarm to remind you that there is a suspicious signal

2.GPS Tracker Finder:Once there is a suspicious signal in your car,There are two ways to detect:1. RF detecting Function;2.Magnet detecting Function .

3. Camera Finder, you can protect privacy, Avoid being secret photographed ,when you travel or stay in a hotel.

Application Scene:

1. Worry about installed GPS tracking locator in your car ;

2. Worry about installed wireless eavesdropper in your office;

3. Worry about installed candid camera devices to reveal personal privacy in hotels during travelling;

4. Conference room for business negotiation, government offices, school invigilator, military facilities.

5. Worry about electromagnetic radiation leakage in household appliances like microwave ovens;

6. Worry about suspicious wireless devices in the living environment;


Frequency Range: 1MHz-12GHz.

Detection Dynamic Range:>73Db

Detection Sensitivity: ≤0.03 mw(Main Frequency )

Indicating Method:10 Level LED Luminous indicator /Variation sound indication

Power: Built-in 3.7V 1500mA lithium polymer battery

Working Current:25-35 mA Last Time:20-45 H; up to 7 days for standby.

Material: Aluminium Alloy

N.W: 175g

Volume: 125×52.5×21.5mm

Package Included:

1. Detector

2. Laser Lens scanner

3. Charger

4. Manual

5. Retail Package

6. RF Antennas

JMDHKK RF DetectorJMDHKK RF Detector

AI Auto Scanner DetectionAI Auto Scanner Detection



JMDHKK RF Bug Detector & Camera Lens Finder. It is the new release of high-grade counter surveillance equipment ,designed to detect and locate video & audio bugging devices and unwanted GPS tracking devices, and harmful microwaves.

RF Bug Detector is simple but professional debugging device that you can use it to sweep the places and rooms where the entire privacy is expected.

JMDHKK AI Auto Search Function

Intelligent and Effective Debugging

Upgraded with new high-speed chipset, operated more effectively and easily. Detect wider range of RF signal transmitter bugs. A good idea for anti spy, anti eavesdropping and anti stalker.

AI auto search of this bug detector makes debugging/bug sweeping less laborious.

The AI Auto Scan of the product can accumulate and analyze the suspicious RF signals automatically and produce alerts if a potential wireless bug is recognized by AI Auto Scan.

Function Details:

RF Detector

RF Detector

Detecting Magnetic GPS GSM Bugs

Detecting Magnetic GPS GSM Bugs

Detecting Hidden Camera Device

Detecting Hidden Camera Device

RF Signal Detecting Function

1. Turn the mode switch to left for RF. Power on the detector and power indicator lit up. Adjust the sensitivity till you get 3 green LED bars on, then it is ready for RF detection. Please move around and scan the space. The sensitivity knob is also the power switch, turning counterclockwise to enhance the sensitivity, and clockwise to lower sensitivity.High sensitivity for far detection distance and low sensitivity for short detection distance. In order to locate the suspicious bug/spy device, please turn clockwise the sensitivity knob to get short detection distance.

2. When you are close enough to the suspicious device, usually 20 centimeters away from the suspicious device, the detector will alarms and sounds “beep beep”,and the signal strength indicator is full with all LED bars lit up, then you can turn clockwise the sensitivity knob and the

detector will alarms again when it is closer to the suspicious device. In this way it will helps you to locate the wireless bug/ spy device.

Magnetic Detecting Function

Most GPS tracker will be in long-time standby mode, but most of them are absorbed to vehicles

chassis by a strong magnet. Thus the Magnetic Field detection will helps a lot to locate such GPS

tracker. Please follow the below steps.

1. Power on the detector and switch the mode button to right for MA mode. Turn the sensitivity

knob counterclockwise to maximum. Plug the magnetic detection probe to the detector, and the

light on the tip of the probe will be lit up for illumination needs.

2. Turn the sensitivity knob at first, and then turn balance adjuster knob till you get the 6th the

yellow LED bar off, then it is ready for magnetic field detection. The sensor is at the tip of magnetic detection probe in the position of the light.The device will alarm with “beeps” when the sensor is 5-10 centimeters away from the magnet. Go and check carefully if a GPS tracker or covert device is absorbed there.

Laser Scanning Camera Detecting Function

It includes the detection pinhole camera and wired or wireless candid camera products. By means of LED laser scanning and special optical filter scanning,

in case of red reflex spot, it can adjust flicker frequency to reduce space gradually so as to determine the concealed location of suspicious item.

Application Scene:

Detecting GPS Tracker in Car

Detecting GPS Tracker in Car

Detecting Eavesdropping Device

Detecting Eavesdropping Device

Detecting Hidden Camera Device

Detecting Hidden Camera Device

GPS Detectors are used to locate GPS tracking device. GPS trackers use a GSM, GPRS, CDMA or LTE modem platform to send data back to the central location. This GPS data is converted to view able data and then accessed with a smart device or a home computer.

RF Detecting mode: it can detect signal in active GPS Tracker,

Magnetic probe detecting mode: it can detect signal in standby GPS Tracker

Our GPS Detectors can look for active signals and help you locate where the GPS device may be hidden on your vehicle.

Are you conducting a high level board meeting, a vitally important business negotiation, confidential conference, managing a business merger or company sale.

Have you considered that your organisation may be under surveillance from competitors using covert, hostile listening and tracking devices.

Our anti spy detector can help you find out the device.for example: GSM Bugs, hidden wireless 3G/4G cameras,eavesdropping device, Protect your conversation content and business secrets.

The Optic camera lens detector is an optical device using flashing LEDs, it is special laser lens and LED laser lamp, Red to reflect off the actual lens, whether the camera is operational or not. it will help you find the invisible wired or wireless camera, including hidden camera, spy camera, wifi camera, pinhole camera, ip camera, etc,

Better protect your private space.

Purpose and Characteristics:

JMDHKK Security Protection ServiceJMDHKK Security Protection Service

Better protect your private space

What is the purpose and characteristics of this product design?


Our detector is designed for privacy protection. It is multi-functional.Its RF signal detection will help you to find transmitting bugs like wireless camera/transmitting GPS tracker/wireless wiretapping/wireless microphone. Its Magnetic Field detection will help you find magnetic GPS tracker absorbed to vehicle with a magnet whether the GPS tracker is in standby mode or working mode. Its Camera Lens Finder will help you find the camera lens from both wired and wireless cameras. Its AI auto scan will help you find the wireless transmitting bugs automatically.

How many alarm modes does this bug detector have?


Multiple alert mode including Audible Signal Strength ‘Beep’ and Silent Vibrate Mode. and signals LED lights.Choose one of the alarm mode best appropriate to your environment.

An audible ‘Beep’ mode allows the user to monitor without looking at the display and a silent vibrate mode can also be used for particularly sensitive areas.

Can Detect if there are wireless bug or GPS location Tracker in your car or office, Protect your privacy
Can Detect 1.2G/2.4G/5.8G Wireless camera ,hidden wireless camera and wireless eavesdropping,
Can Detect all of bugs and locators with Mobile 2G/3G/4G Card,Detector range:1MHz-12GHz
Easy to use ,High sensitivity, have automatic search logic analysis memory function,
For detecting in bathrooms, hotels, changing rooms, entertainment rooms, locker rooms, etc;For use in business meetings, school testing environments, factories, and military facilities ;For use in business meetings, school testing environments, factories, and military facilities


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